Okamotoya Jigoku-mushi Pudding

Taste the strength of magma

Our artisans prepare each homemade pudding one at a time with the same unchanging jigoku-mushi ("hell steaming") method used since 1988.

Our Jigoku-mushi Pudding, with just the right amount of bitterness to the caramel,
and its rich flavor, will keep you coming back for more.
Each one is made through manual processes. We are proud of this pudding packed with the spice of the hot springs.
The original menu items we created through repeated research, such as our soft-boiled egg udon noodles or our simple salted eggs, are also popular. At the shop's sister establishment, the tea house, you can relax watching the steam rise into the sky, or gazing at the Yunohana-goya huts.

Business Hours: 8:30-18:30(L.O. 17:30)

MENU (Handmade Sanuki udon noodles)

Handmade Sanuki udon noodles

Our shop uses raw noodles brought in from Kagawa, so their chewiness and elasticity is different!

Picture of Ontama udon

Picture of Ontama curry udon

Picture of Mentama udon

MENU (Rice dishes)

Rice dishes

Starting with our Toriten curry, our rice dishes will leave you completely satisfied. The Ontama curry rice is a must-try!

Picture of Toriten curry rice

Picture of Ontama curry rice

Picture of various Onigiri

MENU (Others)


Need something hearty? How about our famous Jigoku-mushi sandwich, local Toriten, Onsen tamago, or Shio tamago?

Picture of Jigoku-mushi egg sandwich

Picture of Toriten

Picture of Onsen tamago

MENU (Sweets)


Jigoku-mushi Pudding is Okamotoya's flagship product. Its special features are its bitter yet good caramel and rich flavor.
We also have parfaits, ice cream, and other sweets.

Picture of Jigoku-mushi pudding

Picture of Jigoku parfait

Picture of Jigoku-mushi pudding ice cream

You can buy Jigoku-mushi pudding and medicinal Yunohana online.

Buy Jigoku-mushi pudding and Medicinal Yunohana here

MENU (Drinks)


Please drop in for a little break on your drive!

Myoban Hot spring Cider   160yen
Ramune   190yen
coffee   310yen
Iced coffee (Summer only)   410yen
Can of beer (Asahi)   330yen
Milk   120yen
Coffee milk   120yen
Yogurt   120yen

*All prices listed include tax