Okamotoya Jigoku-mushi Pudding

Walk the world woven by magma

Myoban Onsen is a famous historical site from which alum has been harvested since the Edo era in the early 1600s.
You can feel its breath close to you on the walkway.
Enveloped by Myoban's unique sulfur smell, enjoy a relaxed stroll as you weave your way through the rows of Yunohana-goya huts and gaze at the exquisite scenery.

Charge: 200yen (Admission fee for Myoban Jigoku)
Regular closing day: Open 7 days a week
Business Hours: 8:30~17:30

JIGOKU (Myoban Jigoku)

Myoban Jigoku Walkway

With steam erupting from the earth, this region is the famous historic site where, in 1666, alum was harvested in Japan for the first time.
In 1804, Okamotoya's founter, Tadaami Iwase, was assigned to be a mountain magistrate here. The harvesting of "Yunohana" has continued uninterrupted ever since the Meiji Restoration, when the land was no longer an asset to the government and was disposed of by the Iwase house.

Beppu Myoban Jigoku Walkway

Myoban Jigoku, filled with traditional cultural techniques Yunohana are made inside straw-thatched huts called Yunohana-goya. Yunohana are crystals formed when vapor gushing up from underground permeates the dirt floor of the Yunohana-goya, which is covered with a blue clay rich with Myoban hot springs' characteristic minerals. Thus, Yunohana make 100% natural bathing powders. In March of 2006, the Japanese government designated the method for producing Beppu's Yunohana as an important intangible folk culture asset. Why use straw-thatched huts? That would be because the huts maintain a fixed temperature and humidity level. This method of production has been passed down since the 1600s.

Straw-thatched roof of Yunohana-goya

Straw-thatched roof of Yunohana-goya

Medicinal Yunohana

Benefits   Nerve pain, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Stiff shoulders, Lower back pain, Bruises, Sprains, Cold sensitivity, Hemorrhoids, Athlete's foot, Heat rash, Eczema, Frostbite, Soreness
Directions for use   (1) Take one packet of bathing powder and shake it around inside your filled bathtub, letting it melt. Foreign matter will be left inside the packet.
(2) For washing machines, open the packet inside of a bucket, take a pinch of Yunohana powder and let it melt in the filled washing machine. The powder is more effective when applied to affected parts of the body. Please do not rinse it off. Rub the powder on as thickly as you need to based on observation of your own condition.
You can also use Yunohana in foot baths.

*The powder will last longer if not exposed to direct sunlight or humidity.
Warnings: Because of the alum, metal fixtures on bathtubs might rust, and the tub itself might change colors in places. Please drain your bathtub immediately after bathing and rinse it off.
We are truly sorry, but we cannot accept any responsibility for discoloration or other inconveniences that may be caused by this product.

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