Okamotoya Jigoku-mushi Pudding

Immerse yourself in the grace of magma

From the spacious, Panoramic Bathhouse, and the family bathhouse available for reservation, you can see the big arch of Myoban Bridge, Beppu Bay, and even Mount Takasaki.

Panoramic Stone Bathhouse: Admission to both the men's bath and women's bath is 500 yen.

Chartered Family Bathhouse: 1hour1500yen
Business Hours: 1:00PM-7:00PM (Reception closes at 6PM)
Regular closing day: Closed on Tuesdays (When a national holiday falls on a Tuesday, we will be open, closing the following day instead.)

Spring quality: Simple hot spring
Benefits: Nerve pain, Joint pain, Muscle pain, Bruises, etc.


Panoramic Stone Bathhouse

In the mountains of Myoban sits "Yamanoyu," a bathhouse resembling a mountain cabin.
The milky white that faintly changes color, unique to Myoban. Yunohana float on the waters.
This is a natural hot spring.
From the windows, you can gaze at the arched bridge, Myoban Bridge; Beppu Bay; and Mount Takasaki. This "Panoramic Stone Bathhouse," with its high ceilings and large windows, has an open, liberating air.
Across from that, we have ready a family bathhouse you can reserve.
At night, you can gaze upon Beppu's marvelous nightscape, as well as the faintly visible nightscape of Oita across Beppu Bay.